Winterveldt Urban Renewal Project

Winterveldt is a township which boarders both Gauteng and Northwest provinces. Winterveldt was established as a proclaimed freehold township of agricultural holdings for black farmers during the 1940’s. No infrastructure was provided during its total history up until 1987, when the government of Bophuthatswana created a special infrastructure development fund under the guardianship of DBSA.

It was this fund that afforded Winterveldt some bulk services, some schools and clinics. This however also encouraged some urban development on Winterveldt large stands and these were also followed by informal settlements like many townships. These developments gave Winterveldt a unique mixture of both urban and rural spatial elements as seen today.

In 1999 the Deputy President announced the intention to award Winterveldt the status as a special presidential project along the lines of Katorus and Alexandra projects.

Like many townships that have been chosen for urban renewal, Winter veldt represents such an example of a poor and neglected township. Currently the focus for Winter veldt is on housing development projects and not Urban Renewal. Whilst the latter was pronounced by the then Gauteng Premier, Mr Paul Mashatile, this report however focuses on progress made on the housing development projects.