Winterveldt Socio Economic Precinct

The long-term success of the Winterveldt Urban Renewal Programme (WURP), largely depends on the vision to create a stable, balanced Society within a vibrant local economy that is self-sustainable. With this in mind, MIH Projects has been appointed to investigate, promote and manage the Development of a Socio-Economic Precinct which encompasses the Winterveldt CBD.

The Winterveldt Socio-Economic Development Precinct will entail the redevelopment and formalization of the neighbourhood node, based on the existing higher order frameworks, the current situation and sound urban design principles.The project objectives are to achieve objective 2 and objective 3 of the Regional Spatial Development Framework (RSDF) of the City of Tshwane (CoT) and these being:

Strategic Objective 2: Economic Growth and Development

  • Provide strategic direction around infrastructure development
  • Guide developers and investors as to appropriate investment localities
  • Rural development programmes to improve livelihoods and stimulate employment

    Strategic Objective 3: Creating sustainable communities with clean, safe environment & Integrated social facilities

  • Restructure the spatially inefficient city through densification & transport oriented development
  • Promote sustainable use of land resources