20 Prioritized Townships Project

The 20-Prioritised Township Programme (20PTP) has been in existence since its inception in 2006. The 20PTP was conceptualized and implemented by Gauteng Provincial Government to improve the lives of township residents. It was piloted in 20 identified prioritized townships. The programme has since been expanded to include 26 townships. These townships are areas of underdevelopment with low levels of investment as defined by the various Spatial Development Frameworks.

It became necessary to evaluate the progress made with the Programme and to restrategise to ensure the maximum impact of the programme.
Simultaneously to the review of the Programme, the focus of the Province shifted to include the 50 Poorest Wards in the Province, which will be provided with a basic package of services, thus targeting poverty.

The 50 Poorest Wards are typically small geographical areas characterized by:

 High levels of unemployment;
 Low levels of income and high levels of households with no income;
 Low levels of education and skills;
 High levels of female and child headed households.

The 20PTP was thus revised to address the shortcomings of the 20PTP and to include the 50 Poorest Wards.