SHE Services

Our Services are divided into four main areas:

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Consulting,

This includes Developing of Safety Plans according to the Client’s specifications and OHS Act, Risk assessment facilitation and review, Workplace consultation e.g. machine safety assessment and recommendations and typical Occupational Health and Safety Officer on-site Services.

Occupational Health and Safety Auditing,

This involves Legal Compliance Audit where Audits are conducted on behalf of any of the parties involved in a construction project, such as the Client, Principal Contractor and/or Sub-Contractors as required by the OHS Act and regulations (specifically the Construction Regulations) as well as client specifications. The SHE Management System is assessed against the requirements of the OHS Act and regulations as well as other applicable legislation such as the COID Act.

Occupational Health and Safety Training and

Environmental Specialist Studies

MIH Projects is a specialist environmental consulting company established for the purpose of providing a holistic Environmental Management Service to the Mining, Manufacturing and Construction Industries. MIH Projects has been proactively providing these sustainable solutions for over 7 years and the expertise gained over this period has enabled us to provide innovative solutions to a large number of projects. MIH’s integrated service offerings in the natural, built and social environments include

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA),
  • Environmental Basic Assessment Reports (BAR),
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP),
  • Environmental Management Programme (EMPr),
  • Environmental Legal Compliance,
  • Water Use Licences,
  • Waste Disposal Licences Compliance,
  • Water and Waste

The scope of delivery life cycle starts from inception to handover. Projects delivered to date typically include roads, bulk infrastructure, socio-economic amenities and housing.

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